Top Quebec City Plumbers

QOB Global
QOB Global offers these services: Refrigeration, Air conditioning, Dehumidification, Humidification, Ventilation, Medical gases, Plumbing, Waterproof cement, Hot water tanks, Electricity Heating-oil, Natural gas, and Propane.
Location : 1700, rue Leon-Harmel, Quebec, QC G1N 4R9
Phone : (418) 683-2281

Boucher Lortie
Whether for residential plumbing, industrial or commercial, you can benefit from our expertise and experience. Boucher Lortie has the capacity and resources to address all situations. Our service also includes general maintenance and installation done by professionals so that you have peace of mind!
Location : 850, rue des Seed, Quebec, QC G2J1A5
Phone : 418 623-2323

Chez Raoul Beaulieu inc.
We combine expertise in millimeter for more than 50 years! Result? Effective working methods, innovative techniques and notable achievements in all sectors and across Quebec. The company Raoul Beaulieu inc. offers a multidisciplinary team of professionals and experience.
Location : 5362, rue des Ecureuils, Quebec, QC G1G 1K8
Phone : (418) 626-6642

Plomberie Pierre Bizier
Plumbing Pierre Bizier is "The Plumber your area!" When you use Plumbing Pierre Bizier, you are guaranteed to work fast, courteous and professional. We offer a free estimate for all your projects and we guarantee our work.
Location : 1104 Raymond Casgrain # 2, Quebec, QC G1S 2E5
Phone : 418 933-9970

Plomberie Fortin
With 40 years of experience, no problem resists Plumbing Fortin, whether simple or complex. Count on Plumbing Fortin to install your faucets, accessories, sanitary appliances and water heaters.
Location : 4850, 3rd Avenue Ouest, QC G1H 6R4
Phone : 418 623-0829